Coast to Coast Customer Service

Temperatures dropping can often lead to dangerous plumbing situations, especially for unoccupied homes. In January, a customer reached out to us from across the county because of a burst pipe at his Maryland property. The home was on a boiler system that had run out of fuel, which caused the water line to freeze and crack during one of our recent cold spells. Once the lines thawed, water began to flood the house. We responded immediately to the property. After repairs were made, and the customer was fully informed of the situation, we were informed that due to the cold and high demand refilling the propane tank immediately was not an option. Working with the customer, we decided the best course of action was to purchase a residential space heater for each floor of the house to keep the pipes from freezing again. 

We had achieved our ultimate goal--customer satisfaction--as the home owner praised us for our communication, problem solving, and customer service. He informed us that he had had a hard time finding a company to trust from his permanent home on the west coast, and felt we went above and beyond for him. 

Hopefully this cold weather comes to an end soon, but no matter the weather, we will are able to respond to any plumbing emergency. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to creatively resolve any plumbing issue in your home. In an emergency, give us a call, we will try our best to attend to the issue immediately, or at the very least, have one of our plumbers walk you through a temporary solution.